Our 2018 Speakers

The five speakers were carefully selected based on their stories, their dreams, their commitment to boldly living their dreams, overcoming obstacles and living and loving their unique dream journey….and each being an ordinary person doing extraordinary things!

Coleen Christie

Coleen Christie is a television news anchor. Prior to joining Global BC last year, she had an award-winning career both on and off screen as an anchor for CTV Vancouver, hosting for the network and working as a producer/creative director in television promotion. She is also a TEDx Vancouver alumnus, speaking on the impact of modern news consumption. Coleen believes each of us has a compelling story waiting to be told.

Tell Us A Time When You Felt Truly Empowered:

I have felt truly empowered anytime I have connected with an audience – big or small – live or on camera because vulnerability met with acceptance is its own reward.    

Where Do You Want To Be In 20 Years:

20 years from now I want to be enjoying the rewards of my third career — sharing the knowledge and skills I have gained over the past 20 years as a news anchor.

Doris Orr

Doris Orr is passionate about shining the spotlight on each person’s greatness! She loves helping people get excited about their own unique ‘Miracle of Me’. After 25 years in the corporate world she obtained her certification as an executive coach (CEC). Doris now combines her executive and business coaching, facilitation, and inspirational speaking with a passion for helping people live to their full potential.

Tell Us a Time When You Felt Truly Empowered:

I feel truly empowered when I see that I’ve help someone get a glimpse into the expanse of their untapped potential…helping then recognize that they are SO MUCH MORE…!

Where do You want to be in 20 years:

I am going to be on the world stage…where I can turn the spotlight on each individual – to help them see the most beautiful creation that they are…to be the mirror for them to see their INNER BEAUTY…to be the mirror for them to see their INNER LIGHT.

Stephen O’Keefe

As an accomplished entrepreneur and speaker, Stephen O’Keefe is passionate about helping people overcome barriers and turn them into opportunities. He’s presented in front of numerous audiences, including TEDx, and a documentary on his life and his stand-up comedy aired on CBC and PBS. He was born profoundly deaf and doctors told his parents he’d never be able to speak. He currently lives in Vancouver with his wife, son, and a Goldendoodle who unfortunately doesn’t listen to him. He’s constantly plotting his next adventure.

Tell Us A Time When You Felt Truly Empowered:   

There are so many moments to choose from regarding when I felt the most empowered – a few of them are:  the birth of my son; first Ironman; first stand up comedy show; my Tedx talk; winning the most outstanding graduating student award; bungy jumping in Zimbabwe; and drinking champagne on top of the Berlin Wall.

Where Do You Want To Be In 20 Years:

Plan A:  sit back and relax as a benevolent dictator, after conquering the world, and if that fails, then Plan B: continue to celebrate a life well lived, inspiring others, and full of adventure by summiting Mt. Kilimanjaro.

Bill Crow

Bill Crow walked away from his 25-year legal career to chronicle his journey from miserable lawyer to fulfilled human being in his memoir The Next Trapeze. Think of Eat, Pray, Love for people who hate their jobs. The publication of this book will be the final break with Bill’s soul-sucking profession. With his hilarious and gut-wrenching story, Bill will challenge his Winspiration audience to dream big and kiss their comfort zone goodbye.

Tell Us A Time When You Felt Truly Empowered:   

I felt true empowerment the day I retired from the Law Society of British Columbia, ending 25 years of living in the wrong skin.

Where Do You Want To Be In 20 Years:
In 20 years I will be (not want to be), a frequently-published author, still not satisfied with my latest book.

Christian Lind

Christian Lind is an award-winning creative producer, trends strategist, nerd and part-time brain surgeon born with a passion for storytelling, design, and technology. He is an unapologetic positive thinker who has defied the odds to chase his dreams and help people and organizations tell their stories and share their visionary ideas. Christian believes the simple act of sharing one’s dreams today will inspire the dream chasers of tomorrow.

Tell Us A Time When You Felt Truly Empowered:   
I truly felt empowered the moment I realized that the kid I was, sitting on my parents’ couch in the 80s in France, was now standing on the Olympic Plaza in Vancouver, the place he had been dreaming of calling home for decades.

Where Do You Want To Be In 20 Years:
In 20 years I will still be who I am; I will have failed many times chasing my dreams and yet will have lived many of them.