What the Winspiration Day Speakers Want You to Know

Winspiration Day Vancouver 2018 is less than three weeks away, and we’re so excited to share our speakers’ thoughts with you! We asked our speakers to describe why they are drawn to the globally-celebrated Winspiration Day (why they agreed to speak) in 75 words or less, and this is what they came up with:

Meet the Speakers for Winspiration Day 2018!

Vancouver: we told you we would announce this year’s speakers very soon, and we’re keeping our promise!

Here are the 5 voices you’ll hear at this year’s conference: Global TV’s Coleen Christie, marketing guru Christian Lind, writer Bill Crow, comedian Stephen O’Keefe, and our very own host and business coach Doris Orr!

Coleen Christie

Coleen is excited to share her story, her hopes, her dreams, and her fears. She’s gained prominence and success in an industry which seemed an impossible unreachable dream—and it’s great that she’s already had a chance to share some of her insights as a TEDx Vancouver 2014 speaker!

Christian Lind

Christian is incredibly humble and unpretentious, yet he has incredible depth with an inconceivable range of talents and passions that have led to him doing truly extraordinary things. He continues to dream big and strives to realize his amazing goals.

Bill Crow

Bill has such a great story: a very successful lawyer for more than 20 years, he felt like there was more to life than what he was living. Following his passion of writing, Bill has a great way of telling his story, which included big bumps along his dream journey.

Stephen O’Keefe

Stephen is an amazing person, an incredible role model, and truly an inspiration to all who know him. Born profoundly deaf, he fought the odds of being told he’d never be able to speak, and now he shares his incredible story of becoming a stand-up comedian. Stephen is also a TEDx alumni who spoke at TEDx Stanley Park in 2016.

Doris Orr

This is the first year that Doris will be a speaker as well as our host. The topic of dreams and fulfilling dreams is key to her life purpose which is helping others find and live in their full potential—dreams and dreaming BIG is her starting point for this!

Each one of these speakers are ordinary people having an extraordinary impact on those around them. It is truly an honour to have this incredible speakers’ lineup for our 2018 Winspiration Vancouver’s Your Tomorrow Starts Today!

Remember: this year’s conference will be held at the Vancouver Rowing Club; tickets are $25 and can be purchased on Eventbrite, now.

For up-to-date information on Winspiration Day Vancouver 2018, visit our website often, and get social with us on Twitter and Facebook.

Dare to embark upon a personal journey to dream big and to feel empowered to make your dreams your new reality.

See you there!

Where Will YOU Be in 20 Years?

With planning for this year’s Winspiration Day Vancouver officially under way and off to an exciting start, we’ve been thinking about long-term goals.

While it’s incredibly important to have short-term goals, long-term ones are key to keeping us focused on the bigger picture: what do we want out of life?

Or, in the case of this blog post, where do you see yourself in 20 years?

This is an important question. You see, people generally don’t just stumble upon increased health and happiness. We need to pursue it—to work hard for what we want. When we do, anything is attainable.


In 20 years, where will you be? What’s your dream job, and how do you get it? Where is your favourite place on Earth, and how do you get there? Will you be surrounded by family, or do you prefer solitude? How do you achieve what makes you excited, happy, and inspired?

Short-term goals are the stepping stones to achieving something bigger—the long-term plan. And the plan can change, but the focus on being the best version of yourself and living the life of your dreams should remain relatively unwavering.

20 years from now puts us at 2038. It sounds like it’s really far away, but think about this: where were you 20 years ago? How old were you? What were you doing and thinking and dreaming of, then?

How close are you now to whatever the long-term goal was then? Have things changed or remained somewhat the same? If tomorrow will be yesterday in two days from now, then 20 years from now will eventually pass and become 20 years ago, as well.

What do you want? Where will YOU be in 20 years?

Leave us a comment and let us know, then plan to attend Winspiration Day 2018 on May 6th at the Vancouver Rowing Club. Tickets are only $25 and available on Eventbrite HERE.