Meet the Speakers for Winspiration Day 2018!

Vancouver: we told you we would announce this year’s speakers very soon, and we’re keeping our promise!

Here are the 5 voices you’ll hear at this year’s conference: Global TV’s Coleen Christie, marketing guru Christian Lind, writer Bill Crow, comedian Stephen O’Keefe, and our very own host and business coach Doris Orr!

Coleen Christie

Coleen is excited to share her story, her hopes, her dreams, and her fears. She’s gained prominence and success in an industry which seemed an impossible unreachable dream—and it’s great that she’s already had a chance to share some of her insights as a TEDx Vancouver 2014 speaker!

Christian Lind

Christian is incredibly humble and unpretentious, yet he has incredible depth with an inconceivable range of talents and passions that have led to him doing truly extraordinary things. He continues to dream big and strives to realize his amazing goals.

Bill Crow

Bill has such a great story: a very successful lawyer for more than 20 years, he felt like there was more to life than what he was living. Following his passion of writing, Bill has a great way of telling his story, which included big bumps along his dream journey.

Stephen O’Keefe

Stephen is an amazing person, an incredible role model, and truly an inspiration to all who know him. Born profoundly deaf, he fought the odds of being told he’d never be able to speak, and now he shares his incredible story of becoming a stand-up comedian. Stephen is also a TEDx alumni who spoke at TEDx Stanley Park in 2016.

Doris Orr

This is the first year that Doris will be a speaker as well as our host. The topic of dreams and fulfilling dreams is key to her life purpose which is helping others find and live in their full potential—dreams and dreaming BIG is her starting point for this!

Each one of these speakers are ordinary people having an extraordinary impact on those around them. It is truly an honour to have this incredible speakers’ lineup for our 2018 Winspiration Vancouver’s Your Tomorrow Starts Today!

Remember: this year’s conference will be held at the Vancouver Rowing Club; tickets are $25 and can be purchased on Eventbrite, now.

For up-to-date information on Winspiration Day Vancouver 2018, visit our website often, and get social with us on Twitter and Facebook.

Dare to embark upon a personal journey to dream big and to feel empowered to make your dreams your new reality.

See you there!

Nurturing Your Active Dreams

What is a dream?

It’s an interesting question, because there are two definitions: the first refers to a semi-conscious state we achieve (hopefully) during sleep each night. The second refers to something more active; something that’s rooted in mindful thought, combined with hope and intent and perseverance.

For example, one could say they had a dream about starting their own business and mean that they literally dreamt of a business startup during sleep, but it’s not what they actually want.

Someone else could utter the exact same sentence and mean that it’s been their absolute life’s need and want and hope to open their own business, and that they are actively working on what it takes to get there.

Two different meanings when we talk about dreams—we want to discuss active dreaming: the second kind of dream.

How does one nurture their active dreams? We have a few ideas:

Purposeful Guidance

We don’t mean guidance from another; we’re talking about literally guiding your dream to fruition, like raising a child. No one will do it better than you, so trust yourself to know that you have the power to create the currently intangible.

We all have the ability to take an idea and turn it into reality!

Unwavering Hope

Hope is requirement when it comes to dreams. You must believe in the possibility of success–to have faith that if you work hard enough to achieve your dreams, that the universe will eventually provide because it has to. Because you’re forcing your dreams in the direction of creation, and never giving up.

Lack of hope breeds negativity, and negatively will suffocate your dreams faster than anything else. You must remain positive in knowing that you’re capable.

Hard Work

You gotta work at those dreams!

Arduous work and a lot of elbow grease is what gets the job done, and those who are willing to put in the time and effort and keep going despite everything will be more successful in bringing their active dreams to reality.

Good things generally take time to develop.

Unparalleled Perseverance

(Otherwise known as resiliency and grit.)

Perseverance is the singular difference between those who strive for more and want something really bad, and those who manage to actually attain it. The ability to let setbacks roll off their shoulders and view minute failures as stepping stones is key to dream nurturing.

But there’s more.

Possessing the ability to focus on a long-term outcome and create a life that’s conducive to its success is a major game-changer when it comes to achieving dreams.

Psychologist Angela Lee Duckworth speaks on the importance of grit (perseverance) in relation to lifelong success in achieving one’s dreams; you can view her TED Talk below.

So what’s holding you back? What’s propelling you ahead?

Identifying what motivates and inspires you to keep moving forward with your dreams is a great way to not lose sight of the end game: those dreams becoming reality. Need some inspiration? Join us on May 6th to talk more about dreams and how people achieve them.

Your tomorrow starts TODAY.