Kickstart Your Tomorrow Workshop | January 13th 2018

Imagine…imagine living each day feeling fully confident and connected to your best self. To living your highest purpose. Well, we’re on this journey together to see how to get closer to this, through digging deeper into:


what does this really mean? how does desire fit into this? what does this mean for each of us?


the driver, the promise of living your desire; an invitation to accept long-term success and short-term failures.


what would your actions look like if you focused on who you need to be rather than what you need to do?

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Our Speakers

Doris Orr

Doris Orr is passionate about shining the spotlight on each person’s greatness!! Fun and energizing are words to describe how she is …sparking your inner ‘super power’! After 25 years in the corporate world as a Chartered Accountant, she now combines her coaching, inspirational speaking and business consulting with her passion for helping people live in their full potential through her Powerful Paradigms biz.

Jackson Wu

Jackson Wu

Jackson Wu is a pianist and a graduate from the University of British Columbia. He is deeply passionate about music, and strongly believes in the power of music as a form of inspiration for its ability to cross cultural boundaries and spark emotion.

It is his life long mission to ensure that those around him consistently feel in a safe and comfortable environment to be themselves.

Cade Murphy

Cade Murphy is a champion for innovation in leadership. With a strong interest in the opportunities of a growing millennial workforce, Cade challenges assumptions and the status quo to build extraordinary results.

Cade’s commitment to his clients’ greatness and self-discovery of solutions creates a high impact, results driven coaching experience.

January 13th 2018, 1-3pm @ co:box in Vancouver

Tickets are $15, and available on Eventbrite. Space is limited, so snag yours while you still can.

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