Meet Catherine Roscoe Barr and Jackson Wu!

Friends, we are ONE WEEK AWAY from Winspiration Day Vancouver! While the event is going to be nothing less than memorable and amazing, we want to introduce two more of our speakers, who are incredible and inspiring individuals.

So…meet Catherine Roscoe Barr and Jackson Wu!

Catherine Roscoe Barr

Catherine Roscoe Barr

We’re so excited to have Catherine Roscoe Barr participating in this year’s event!

Catherine is a Vancouver-based wellness coach, keynote speaker, fitness, food and travel writer, entrepreneur, and founder of The Life Delicious.

As our closing keynote speaker, her passion is teaching leaders how to practice self-care strategies that fill their batteries so full the overflow transforms their businesses, connections and lives.

Before settling on the West Coast, she lived in Sydney, Toronto, Oregon, Montana, and practically everywhere in Alberta. She can be found jogging with her adorable dog, dining with her fabulous husband, or voraciously reading anywhere comfy. Hot news for Catherine is this: she’s just announced an impending arrival of Baby Barr, come November!

Visit for details on private coaching, wellness retreats and corporate workshops.

Jackson Wu

Jackson Wu

Jackson Wu is a pianist and fifth year student studying at the University of British Columbia. He is deeply passionate about music, and strongly believes in the power of music as a form of inspiration for its ability to cross cultural boundaries and spark emotion.

Apart from music, he enjoys spreading positivity to others in everyday life. It is his life long mission to ensure that those around him consistently feel in a safe and comfortable environment to be themselves.

Jackson is not only going to speak to Winspiration Day Vancouver attendees on Sunday; he’ll also be dazzling our senses with music—and one very exciting performance that we promise you won’t be able to predict!

There are a few seats left for this event, so snag yours today; they’re $25 and available on Eventbrite. If you aren’t sure about whether you can make it or not, don’t worry—we’ll be selling tickets at the door, too. (Doors open at 1:30pm.)

Also, remember that attendees are going to receive fresh pressed juice from Commodity Juicery, healthy snacks, and a ton of inspiration from our speakers.

See you at The Westside Grand (pictured in blog’s main photo) in Vancouver on Sunday, friends! Be inspired! Be inspiring!

Tickets are here:

Meet Michael Cameron and Trish Garner!

Friends, we are less than two weeks away from Winspiration Day Vancouver! While the event in its entirety is going to be awesome, we want to introduce more of our speakers, who are incredible and inspiring individuals.

So…meet Michael Cameron and Trish Garner!

Michael Cameron

Michael Cameron head shot

Mike Cameron will be this year’s opening keynote speaker, and his story is emotional and full of inspiration. He’s the CEO of Axiom Mortgage Solutions, one of Canada’s top mortgage brokerage firms and a professional speaker. He is an avid climber (both rock and ice) an Ironman, a yogi, a runner and most importantly, a human being. As a serial self improvement enthusiast, Mike’s mettle was tested when he suffered a catastrophic loss in 2015.

He will share his inspiring tales of triumph and tragedy, will teach you resilience, and ultimately lead you to understand that when something’s gotta change…it might be you.

Trish Garner

Trish Garner head shot

Trish Garner is the provincial organizer for the BCPRC, and a “tea swilling Brit” with a passion for social justice.

As the Community Organizer of the BC Poverty Reduction Coalition, a broad-based network of over 400 organizations throughout BC, she focuses on communications, outreach and community engagement to raise awareness about the root causes of poverty and inequality, and how our community can collectively tackle them.

Trish has a PhD in gender, sexuality and women’s studies from SFU and continues to work on LGBTQ issues. She lives with her partner and their three young children in East Vancouver.

Winspiration Day Vancouver is going to be a fantastic experience; don’t miss out! We have a few seats left to sell, so snag yours today; they’re $25 and available on Eventbrite here:

ALSO: we have a surprise for you—a musical one! Want to know what it is? You have to be an the event to find out! You’ll also be able to sample yummy fresh-pressed juice from Vancouver’s own Commodity Juicery at the event, too! (Side-note: Commodity Juicery will be showcasing their products at TED Vancouver on April 26th!)


See? There’s no excuse to not come–this event is going to ROCK. To read more about the BC Poverty Reduction Coalition, please visit their website at

See you on May 7th, guys! Be inspired! Be inspiring!



Winspiration Day Vancouver Speaker Abel Koka

It’s less than 4 weeks until Winspiration Day, and we’re so excited for this year’s line-up of speakers! One such speaker is Abel Koka, who’s inspiring story takes him from his hometown of Tanzania to graduate school at Vancouver’s very own University of British Columbia (UBC).

Abel Koka Vancouver

Here is Abel’s story:

Abel Koka’s education journey has not been an easy one. Coming from a poor family on a wildly different continent than this one, Abel has had to overcome many hurdles to chase and realize his educational dreams—yet he’s doing just that.

Abel is passionate about community development, and has volunteered for Restless Development, READ International, and Hopeful Futures Foundation. After completing his Master’s degree here in Canada, Abel is looking forward to combining his legal training and forest management knowledge to help impoverished communities in Tanzania.

We’re so pumped to chat with Abel and hear what inspires him. This year’s message is Be Inspired! Be Inspiring! We feel like that’s exactly what Abel is doing, so he’s the perfect feature for this week’s blog on inspiration, how to become inspired, and how to pass that feeling along to others.

Here are some important details about this year’s Winspiration Day Vancouver event:

  • Where: The Westside Grand
  • When: May 7th from 2-5pm
  • What: 3 hours of inspirational talk, music, and food
  • Why: Because inspiration is everywhere; you just have to learn how to find it and hold on tight

Tickets for Winspiration Day Vancouver are available on Eventbrite HERE. They’re $25, and include food and drink from local community sponsors, such as Commodity Juicery. There will be door prizes, incredible music, and amazing people who are there to help YOU find your best self through inspiration.

We’re so blessed to live in a community that radiates love and light. See you May 7th! Be prepared for awesomeness…

Why Your Teenager Should Attend Winspiration Day

Friends, Winspiration Day is only 5 weeks away, and this year is going to be a stellar experience! There are many types of people who love to attend this event, but we think this year’s event (being held at The Westside Grand in Vancouver) would be great to bring your teenager to.

Here’s why:


Here’s the deal: with all the ways that kids can hole up in their bedrooms and communicate with friends through devices and electronics, it’s important to try and convince your teenager to build social skills by actually talking and listening to another human being.

With so many negative role models in the media, wouldn’t it be fantastic to introduce your son or daughter to some positive ones? Not only that, but our hosts and speakers are local and part of your teenager’s community.

It doesn’t get any better than that!


If your teenager is graduating this year, chances are they could use a little direction. Maybe your son or daughter will be inspired by our younger speakers and a spark of innovation and creativity will be ignited!

You’ll never know unless they attend.

Stress Management

Although sometimes difficult for parents to relate to, our teenagers are very stressed. There are more diagnosed cases of anxiety among high school students than ever before, partly because of the pressures created by the new digital age we’re living in.

Imagine how many kids go undiagnosed, too!

Attending an event like Winspiration Day can have many positive effects among those who need a little stress reduction in their lives. We promise lots of healthy love, light, and laughs–and that’s exactly what today’s teenager needs.


The community of wellness professionals in Vancouver is amazing–why not let a few of them take the reins for a couple of hours and see what difference that positivity can make on your teenager?

In an environment that won’t feel forced or stock or predictable, your teen could learn some valuable lessons about self-love and the value of a healthy community.

Purchase tickets for you and your teenager for only $25 each through Eventbrite today–we’re only selling 150 this year, and they’re going fast. For more information on Winspiration Day Vancouver 2017, visit our website at

See you May 7th, Vancouver. Be inspired…be inspiring!

Community, Courage and Kindness: Winspiration Day Vancouver

They say it takes a village to raise a child, but education and the need for love, acceptance, and guidance doesn’t stop at age 18. The most successful businesses are those built on community involvement and collaboration.

You see, no one goes through life by themselves.

We’re a social species who yearn for togetherness. In fact, we need that togetherness to achieve our very best selves, and to utilize our unique talents and abilities to their furthest extent—and that’s what Winspiration Day is all about.

Winspiration Day 2017 is less than two months away, and we couldn’t be more excited! This annual, global event is a way to meet with like-minded community members and be inspired through stories, experiences, and encouragement.

Community Speakers

Here’s who’s speaking at Winspiration Day Vancouver, held this year at the Westside Grand:

Aside from these local and inspiring speakers, the event will include live streaming from Winspiration Day headquarters in Los Angeles, and local collaborative food samples from such wellness warriors as Commodity Juicery.

If you’re someone who could benefit from a fresh burst of inspiration and motivation from your own community, then you need to be at this event! Whether you’re looking for ideas concerning family, career, or finance, Winspiration Day is the day to receive intentional and mindful gifts of love, creativity, and light from others who have walked your path and have something positive to share about it.


Tickets are only $25, and are available on Eventbrite now. Seating is limited to 150, so hurry to secure your tickets soon. $25 may be all it takes to reinvent your current situation…

See you on May 7th!




Be Inspired! Be Inspiring!

This is the slogan for this year’s Winspiration Day Vancouver. What does this mean to you?

It’s our belief that inspiration breeds more inspiration. This is why you so often feel creatively encouraged and stimulated after spending time with someone who is excited by their newest project or has made an impressive or inspirited change in his or her life.

So imagine how powerful it would be to gather a huge group of creatively energized people together in one room for one event that could change lives and redirect or re-energize our dreams?!

This is Winspiration Day.

On May 7th each year since 2003, people from all over the globe have gathered to celebrate a day filled with intent and purpose. We can attempt to fill ourselves with inspiration and motivation every day, but to absorb others’ creative energy while simultaneously giving yours, too?

This is special. This is Winspiration.

This year will be the second year that Vancouver is actively taking part in Winspiration Day, and we’re planning on making it count. More information on presenters, venue, tickets, and anything else you may need is coming soon.

We’re currently in the midst of securing speakers that will motivate, amaze, inspire, rouse, and influence our attendees to be the best versions of themselves they can possibly be. To follow their hearts and know, deep down, and with all their being, that change is possible and dreams are achievable.

And this is easier than it sounds! There are so many people out there who have found a way to live the life they’ve always wanted. You know what? It’s YOUR turn!

Visit our website to view updates and teasers about this year’s event, and checkout snippets of last year’s Winspiration Day event on YouTube.

Find us on Facebook at facebook/winspirationdayvancouver and on Twitter @WinspirationVan.

See you on May 7th, 2017!


Welcome to Winspiration Day Vancouver 2017!

Winspiration Day…you probably thought you read that wrong, right? You didn’t! The word ‘Winspiration’ refers to becoming inspired and in doing so, inspiring others. Which is a win-win. So…winspiration!

But we didn’t come up with the name Winspiration Day…

The first Winspiration Day started in 2003 in Frankfurt by a very successful businessperson, Wolfgang Sonnenburg. He was convinced that there was more to life than just the fast-paced, rat-race of business.

He knew that the world would be a better place if each person had a chance to truly maximize their own gifts and talents, and was certain that if each one of us just started living our dreams today, then best would be yet to come.

Thus the tagline ‘Winspiration Day: tomorrow, today!’ was born.

Winspiration Day became a global event when Mr. Sonnenburg and the Winspiration Org partnered with international inspirational icon, Bob Proctor of Proctor Gallagher Institute (based in the USA). Mr. Proctor reached out to his global network to see who wanted to take this phenomenal concept globally, by hosting local events.

And so our Vancouver host, Doris Orr, made the commitment. Last year was the first year that Winspiration Day was formally held in Vancouver, and we’re looking forward to another amazing day of winspiration this year!

This is a day to celebrate our diversity, creativity, and varying special abilities. Basically, we want to celebrate what makes an individual unique, while supporting each other through the power of community.

This is a family-friendly event, with emphasis on intent, mindfulness, and the power of capturing inspiration when it comes knocking at your door.

Visit our website for more information about this year’s event (to be held on May 7th), including details on venue, speakers, ticket prices, and anything else you may want to know more about. If you’d like to see a short video on last year’s event, visit YouTube.

Get social with us on Facebook at facebook/winspirationdayvancouver and on Twitter @WinspirationVan.

We hope to see you this year at Winspiration Day Vancouver—be inspired; be inspiring!