Be Inspired! Be Inspiring!

This is the slogan for this year’s Winspiration Day Vancouver. What does this mean to you?

It’s our belief that inspiration breeds more inspiration. This is why you so often feel creatively encouraged and stimulated after spending time with someone who is excited by their newest project or has made an impressive or inspirited change in his or her life.

So imagine how powerful it would be to gather a huge group of creatively energized people together in one room for one event that could change lives and redirect or re-energize our dreams?!

This is Winspiration Day.

On May 7th each year since 2003, people from all over the globe have gathered to celebrate a day filled with intent and purpose. We can attempt to fill ourselves with inspiration and motivation every day, but to absorb others’ creative energy while simultaneously giving yours, too?

This is special. This is Winspiration.

This year will be the second year that Vancouver is actively taking part in Winspiration Day, and we’re planning on making it count. More information on presenters, venue, tickets, and anything else you may need is coming soon.

We’re currently in the midst of securing speakers that will motivate, amaze, inspire, rouse, and influence our attendees to be the best versions of themselves they can possibly be. To follow their hearts and know, deep down, and with all their being, that change is possible and dreams are achievable.

And this is easier than it sounds! There are so many people out there who have found a way to live the life they’ve always wanted. You know what? It’s YOUR turn!

Visit our website to view updates and teasers about this year’s event, and checkout snippets of last year’s Winspiration Day event on YouTube.

Find us on Facebook at facebook/winspirationdayvancouver and on Twitter @WinspirationVan.

See you on May 7th, 2017!


Welcome to Winspiration Day Vancouver 2017!

Winspiration Day…you probably thought you read that wrong, right? You didn’t! The word ‘Winspiration’ refers to becoming inspired and in doing so, inspiring others. Which is a win-win. So…winspiration!

But we didn’t come up with the name Winspiration Day…

The first Winspiration Day started in 2003 in Frankfurt by a very successful businessperson, Wolfgang Sonnenburg. He was convinced that there was more to life than just the fast-paced, rat-race of business.

He knew that the world would be a better place if each person had a chance to truly maximize their own gifts and talents, and was certain that if each one of us just started living our dreams today, then best would be yet to come.

Thus the tagline ‘Winspiration Day: tomorrow, today!’ was born.

Winspiration Day became a global event when Mr. Sonnenburg and the Winspiration Org partnered with international inspirational icon, Bob Proctor of Proctor Gallagher Institute (based in the USA). Mr. Proctor reached out to his global network to see who wanted to take this phenomenal concept globally, by hosting local events.

And so our Vancouver host, Doris Orr, made the commitment. Last year was the first year that Winspiration Day was formally held in Vancouver, and we’re looking forward to another amazing day of winspiration this year!

This is a day to celebrate our diversity, creativity, and varying special abilities. Basically, we want to celebrate what makes an individual unique, while supporting each other through the power of community.

This is a family-friendly event, with emphasis on intent, mindfulness, and the power of capturing inspiration when it comes knocking at your door.

Visit our website for more information about this year’s event (to be held on May 7th), including details on venue, speakers, ticket prices, and anything else you may want to know more about. If you’d like to see a short video on last year’s event, visit YouTube.

Get social with us on Facebook at facebook/winspirationdayvancouver and on Twitter @WinspirationVan.

We hope to see you this year at Winspiration Day Vancouver—be inspired; be inspiring!