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What the Winspiration Day Speakers Want You to Know

Winspiration Day Vancouver 2018 is less than three weeks away, and we’re so excited to share our speakers’ thoughts with you! We asked our speakers to describe why they are drawn to the globally-celebrated Winspiration Day (why they agreed to speak) in 75 words or less, and this is what they came up with:

Meet the Speakers for Winspiration Day 2018!

Vancouver: we told you we would announce this year’s speakers very soon, and we’re keeping our promise! Here are the 5 voices you’ll hear at this year’s conference: Global TV’s Coleen Christie, marketing guru Christian Lind, writer Bill Crow, comedian Stephen O’Keefe, and our very own host and business coach Doris Orr! Coleen Christie Coleen […]

Where Will YOU Be in 20 Years?

With planning for this year’s Winspiration Day Vancouver officially under way and off to an exciting start, we’ve been thinking about long-term goals. While it’s incredibly important to have short-term goals, long-term ones are key to keeping us focused on the bigger picture: what do we want out of life? Or, in the case of […]

Nurturing Your Active Dreams

What is a dream? It’s an interesting question, because there are two definitions: the first refers to a semi-conscious state we achieve (hopefully) during sleep each night. The second refers to something more active; something that’s rooted in mindful thought, combined with hope and intent and perseverance. For example, one could say they had a […]

Purpose, Motivation, Action

We’re 7 months away from Winspiration Day 2018, and our event planning team has been meeting to discuss possible themes for next year and what we want to inspire within our Vancouver community! One of the possible threads we’ve been exploring is the idea of purpose, motivation, and action—the linear line of mindful choice that […]

Finding Personal Inspiration in Seasonal Change

Autumn is (almost) upon us, and the cooler weather and warmer colours often produces change in mood and outlook. For many, it’s a positive change: September is correlated with crisp mornings, back-to-school excitement, and some much-needed coziness. But for equally as many, fall may feel a little depressing. The sunlight is a little scarcer, days […]

The Difference Between Motivation and Inspiration

Winspiration, is, of course, a play on the word inspiration. Inspiration is something that is difficult to cultivate yourself, though, which is why it’s so important to find a local community of like-minded people (your tribe) who can help you to recognize inspiration when it makes an appearance. Inspiration is also closely tied to motivation. […]

Starting a Conversation with a Homeless Person

On Winspiration Day Vancouver this year (May 7th), we had the privilege of being spoken to by Trish Garner, Community Organizer for the BC Poverty Reduction Coalition. Her words, as one would imagine, were powerful but simple: talk to a homeless person. Start a conversation. Ask them their name, where they came from, and how […]

27 Ways to Find Inspiration This Summer

Winspiration Day 2017 might be over, but that doesn’t mean the inspiration needs to cease! How are we applying all of those incredible ideas and theories and inspiring stories we heard on May 7th to our everyday lives? How can we live with practical purpose for the next season of life? For those of us […]

Meet Catherine Roscoe Barr and Jackson Wu!

Friends, we are ONE WEEK AWAY from Winspiration Day Vancouver! While the event is going to be nothing less than memorable and amazing, we want to introduce two more of our speakers, who are incredible and inspiring individuals. So…meet Catherine Roscoe Barr and Jackson Wu! Catherine Roscoe Barr We’re so excited to have Catherine Roscoe […]