A Word From Winspiration Day Vancouver’s
Organizer Doris Orr

In all the 25 years that I’ve been in the business world as a chartered accountant, I have seen people – including myself – getting caught up in the “business rat-race” and rushing and experiencing stress and settling for a life of merely existing. This is a far cry from living a truly fulfilled life in which each person truly lives their life based on a true connection with their strongest strengths and gifts and talents. As Dr. Suess wisely said “why fit in when you were born to stand out?”

Seems to me that too many of us – including me – have been trying to live up to society’s expectations of us – rather than follow the beat of our own unique drummer.

Now that I am in my early 50’s, I focus on leaving a legacy and I know that each one of us – including me – has so many under-utilized (or un-utilized) gifts and talents. If each one of us values and honours and gets excited about what makes us “uniquely me” then we will each live a richer and healthier life and thereby make the world a better place – “tomorrow today”…!

This is personal power

The wellness part of our Winspiration Day recognizes that we need to be well before we can take ourselves to the next level…of being our best selves.

My personal strengths and gifts includes being a Maximizer (helping people maximize their potential) and an Activator (“just do it”, using the Nike logo).

So, it is a natural step for me to bring this global initiative to Vancouver!

In summary, this is not just another wellness day. It is a day to recognize that wellness is the foundation needed for us to achieve and realize and enjoy our personal power.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is Winspiration Day?

An annual, globally celebrated day dedicated to wellness and personal power is coming to Vancouver for the second consecutive year. This year’s focus topics will be announced shortly; please check back!

Where else is it celebrated?

This is the second year that Winspiration Day is coming to North America, with events in Los Angeles and Vancouver (among others).

Globally, this year’s events are being hosted in many locations in Europe (UK, Germany, Switzerland, Austria, France, Greece), Asia, Africa, Ireland and Bangladesh.

Which topics will be covered by speakers?

Come and meet ordinary people doing extraordinary things, listen to how they are living their Dreams.

How can I participate?

Everybody can get involved through Twitter and Facebook, but only 150 tickets are available for this year’s event in Vancouver.

Why should I go?

Winspiration Day recognizes that we need to be well before we can take ourselves to the next level – of being our best selves.

This isn’t just another wellness day–it’s a day to recognize that to achieve and realize and enjoy our personal power.

How much does it cost to attend?

The cost is $25 plus a $2.11 Eventbrite processing fee. The total cost of the ticket is $27.11.

Where can I buy tickets?

Tickets can be purchased through Eventbrite.

Are seats limited?

Yes; seating is limited to 150 registrants.

Where is it taking place?

We will announce it shortly.

Will this be an annual event in Vancouver?


Who is sponsoring/funding this event?

The global Winspiration organization has partnered with Bob Proctor, founder of the Proctor Gallagher Institute and an international inspirational icon.

Mr. Proctor reached out to his global network to see who wanted to take this phenomenal concept globally, by hosting local events.

Our local event is sponsored by our international global host, Doris Orr and is being funded through ticket sales.

How many years has it been running?

The first Winspiration Day (Win Day) started in 2003 in Frankfurt by a very successful businessperson, Wolfgang Sonnenburg.

Sonnenburg was convinced that there was more to life than just the “business rat-race.” He was certain that the “best is yet to come” if each one of us starts living our dreams today; thus the logo “WD – ‪tomorrow today.”

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