What the Speakers for Winspiration Day Vancouver 2018 Want You to Know

Winspiration Day Vancouver 2018 is less than three weeks away, and we’re so excited to share our speakers’ thoughts with you! We asked our speakers to describe why they are drawn to the globally-celebrated Winspiration Day (why they agreed to speak) in 75 words or less, and this is what they came up with:

Coleen Christie

I’m excited to speak at Winspiration because for the first time in my life I’m talking about personal issues that have affected my whole life — both positively and negatively. I’m looking forward to how this kind of vulnerability will make me feel. But mostly I’m hoping to inspire others to open up and examine their own stories. I’m taking the risks my mother never thought she could because only in authenticity are we truly free.

Doris Orr

Winspiration Vancouver is a dream come true – one of my many dreams. A way to gather our like-minded community together, to unite our energy, to unite our passion for a better world, our passion for a better tomorrow… to realize the powerful truth that we can influence our future, so that…the best is yet to come…for each of us individually, for our community and for our world. I’m excited to share my story and my dreams and thereby spark your excitement, spark your dreams, spark Your Inner ‘Super Power.’

Stephen O’Keefe

I’m excited to be a speaker at Winspiration because it will be a fun event for all of the attendees, as we have a great line up, with several speakers from different backgrounds.  I’m confident that our attendees will be inspired to overcome obstacles and follow their dreams. People will learn, laugh, and be inspired, and I’m also looking forward to being inspired by the attendees and the speakers. Winspiration is a global event, and I’m glad to play a small part in it, and I can hardly wait to meet the attendees.

Bill Crow

The worldwide nature of Winspiration Vancouver 2018 is what gets me excited about being a speaker this year. How fortunate I am to be a small part of a global movement! A person doesn’t get to do that every day. I’m also eager to share my story of heartache and transformation, because I am positive it will resonate with anyone stuck in their job and afraid to quit. I’m just trying to change the world…….one bored, unfulfilled, miserable office worker at a time.

Christian Lind

I’m excited to speak at Winspiration Vancouver because regular people doing extraordinary things to chase their dreams have always inspired me to chase mine. I don’t really like talking about myself; I’d rather talk about the people I find inspiring; one thing they all have in common is they’ve shared their dreams.
So the best way I could pay homage to them is do the same and tell my story and share my journey.

Attendees at this year’s event will also be hearing briefly from April Bellia, the admirably fierce lady boss behind Granola Girl!

Join us on May 6th at the Vancouver Rowing Club for a half-day workshop on how to be authentic and start living your dream. Tickets for this globally-celebrated event can be purchased on Eventbrite.