An Interview With Doris Orr, The Host of Winspiration Vancouver

Could you introduce yourself to us?

My name is Doris Orr. I am the host of Winspiration Vancouver, which I brought to Vancouver in 2016.

I’m actually an accountant by training…and I now have the profound pleasure of spending my time and energy living my “WHY”, my purpose – which is helping people to live to their full potential.

I’m now a leadership coach, helping not-for-profits and entrepreneurs thrive. My niche is helping people and businesses in transition.

I feel deeply grateful that I get to help people live to their full potential every day in many different ways! It’s so rewarding, so gratifying to see people get a glimpse of their inner beauty, their inner power…and to see how they translate these insights into doing extraordinary things…ordinary people doing extraordinary things.

Can you tell us what is Winspiration Day and what motivated you to bring it to Vancouver?

Winspiration Day is a day set aside for people to come together and get excited about who they are and how, together, we can help make the world a better place. And in today’s world, this is becoming more and more important!

I was immediately motivated to bring this to Vancouver when Bob Proctor, an international inspirational icon, reached out to his network to invite the global movement to become local. So compelling!! The thought of promoting the good in each of us, the thought of promoting the good in the world, the thought of a global movement where everybody focuses on the theme: “the best is yet to come”. So very compelling!!

This is the third year of Winspiration Vancouver. Can you tell us some of the highlights from the previous years, and what people can look forward to for this year’s event?

Highlights from the previous years…wow! There were so many! Where do I begin…?

Overall, an ongoing theme, an ongoing highlight is that we are creating a strong Winspiration Vancouver community…and the strength of this growing community is being noticed!

And in all our Winspiration Vancouver events, our speakers have all had an amazing ability to connect to our audiences and to have a meaningful, powerful impact.

Music has also been a powerful component of our events – as music has a way of connecting to our souls in a wonderful and powerful way!

The first year was all about introducing the Winspiration dream to Vancouver; it was all about bringing wellness and positivity and inspiration together.

And our theme for year two was: BE INSPIRED! BE INSPIRING!…and people walked away truly inspired and ready to be inspiring!

This year’s theme: Your Tomorrow Starts Today. It’s all about seeing the impact of dreams. Dreams of ordinary people that are translated into extraordinary results. People will have a chance to dare to dream and to dare to create their own extraordinary results!

What sets Winspiration apart from the many self-help / inspirational conferences that take place in Vancouver each year?

What sets Winspiration apart is that we are part of a growing global movement. Where inspiration is the focus. Where building community is the focus. A common belief that together we can have a powerful and profound impact on our world…and really make the world a better place.

Can you tell us what you hope people will take away from Winspiration Day 2018?

My wish for each person attending this year’s event is that they walk away feeling excited about taking charge of their future, taking charge of making their dreams become a reality, taking charge of making extraordinary things happen…and knowing that “the best is yet to come!”

If you wanted to convince someone to attend in one short sentence, what would you tell them?

Dare to dream…dare to make your dreams a reality…dare to join us on May 6…and dare to make extraordinary things happen in your own life!