Purpose, Motivation, Action

We’re 7 months away from Winspiration Day 2018, and our event planning team has been meeting to discuss possible themes for next year and what we want to inspire within our Vancouver community!

One of the possible threads we’ve been exploring is the idea of purpose, motivation, and action—the linear line of mindful choice that leads to inspiration. Let’s explore this idea a little further:


Bringing an idea to reality is what we consider action. Whether that idea is to unload your dishwasher, sign up for a class, or start volunteering, action is what propels you to go further. Nothing can begin without it; action is the beginning.

In a past blog post, we wrote about the common misconception that motivation inspires actions. In fact, action is what prompts what comes next:


The motivation to do something or make a change comes from action. You begin to do something, is makes you feel good in some way, and that motivates you to continue or take it to another level.

The key is to start. If you don’t start, nothing is accomplished.


Once you’ve acted and felt motivated to continue, then comes purpose. For example, say you decide to further your education, so you sign up for fall classes at your community college.

That’s action.

Then, during those classes, you meet others and develop relationships with your instructors and love your environment, and all this prompts you to finish the semester and register for another one.

You’re now motivated.

And because you’re motivated to finish school, you can see the light at the end of the tunnel—you’re working towards something for a reason.

That’s purpose.

Here’s another example: you decide to do laundry because you have nothing to wear (action). This leads to cleaning your bathroom and making your bed (motivation), which results in spending a couple of hours on housework so that your entire home is clean for the weekend (purpose).

In your own life, how have you used action, motivation, and purpose (whether it be intentionally or unintentionally) to propel yourself to complete a project, strive towards a better life, or inspire yourself to follow your dreams?

This is one of the concepts we want to touch base on, on Winspiration Day 2018. Whether it be community, family, or employment-focused, we want to hear your stories.

Purpose, motivation, Action. What’s yours?