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Why Your Teenager Should Attend Winspiration Day

Friends, Winspiration Day is only 5 weeks away, and this year is going to be a stellar experience! There are many types of people who love to attend this event, but we think this year’s event (being held at The Westside Grand in Vancouver) would be great to bring your teenager to.

Here’s why:


Here’s the deal: with all the ways that kids can hole up in their bedrooms and communicate with friends through devices and electronics, it’s important to try and convince your teenager to build social skills by actually talking and listening to another human being.

With so many negative role models in the media, wouldn’t it be fantastic to introduce your son or daughter to some positive ones? Not only that, but our hosts and speakers are local and part of your teenager’s community.

It doesn’t get any better than that!


If your teenager is graduating this year, chances are they could use a little direction. Maybe your son or daughter will be inspired by our younger speakers and a spark of innovation and creativity will be ignited!

You’ll never know unless they attend.

Stress Management

Although sometimes difficult for parents to relate to, our teenagers are very stressed. There are more diagnosed cases of anxiety among high school students than ever before, partly because of the pressures created by the new digital age we’re living in.

Imagine how many kids go undiagnosed, too!

Attending an event like Winspiration Day can have many positive effects among those who need a little stress reduction in their lives. We promise lots of healthy love, light, and laughs–and that’s exactly what today’s teenager needs.


The community of wellness professionals in Vancouver is amazing–why not let a few of them take the reins for a couple of hours and see what difference that positivity can make on your teenager?

In an environment that won’t feel forced or stock or predictable, your teen could learn some valuable lessons about self-love and the value of a healthy community.

Purchase tickets for you and your teenager for only $25 each through Eventbrite today–we’re only selling 150 this year, and they’re going fast. For more information on Winspiration Day Vancouver 2017, visit our website at winspirationvancouver.com.

See you May 7th, Vancouver. Be inspired…be inspiring!